Friday, February 6, 2009

The Brecher-Hanson Beef

Liberals compare the second Iraq war to Vietnam. Conservatives compare it to World War II. It takes the outside-the-box thinking of Victor Davis Hanson to find commonalities between today's Iraq War and the Peloponnesian War, which is just 2400 years old.

The redoubtable War Nerd took Hanson to task for this outlandish analogy and brought about a rivalry between the two war hawks. Gary Brecher is a fictional war columnist from Fresno who writes for the Russian webzine eXile. Even a rabid enthusiast for armed conflict like Brecher thinks Bush's war is a disgrace. Not Hanson, though. The Fresno State classics professor is still an adherent of the Bush Doctrine.

You don't need to draw historical parallels to offer meaningful analysis. The facts speak for themselves. Even calling the ongoing bloodshed in the Middle East a "quagmire" feels quaint and insufficiently outraged.