Saturday, December 20, 2008

Toward a Euroculture Pt. 1

Attempts at codifying a borderless, streamlined Europe have usually been heavy-handed. Like Esperanto, which is a beautiful idea on paper, learning tools like The Raspberry Ice Cream War tend not to inspire actual Europeans. They would rather not have their identities molded for them.

The Raspberry Ice Cream War: A Comic for Young People on a Peaceful Europe without Borders was a minor scandal upon its release in 1998. In it, three children of ambiguous nationality are whisked back to the "Dark Ages," when Europe was a maelstrom of warfare and customs headaches. One of our heroes enlightens a medieval king:

...there are no borders anymore and the governments put their heads together to decide what's best for everyone can go anywhere you want, work, study, buy things, go on holiday....

A pretty succinct description of a consumerist paradise. But would you really want to live there?